In this episode of the David Grey Rehab Podcast, I welcome Angus Bradley, Coach, and Host of the Hyperformance Podcast.

Angus is notorious for his bold and honest social media presence and he’s here to keep that trend going. You won’t want to skip over this episode, it’s a fun one!

Listen in as we talk about his coaching and mentorship workshops, fool-proof content creation strategies, PRI, and the controversy around the compression expansion model.

You’ll also learn about Angus’ general physical preparation program, how he navigates social media as an authentic content creator, and the key things you need to do to be a successful coach online and in the gym.


More accurate does not mean more useful with your model. That is not even the intention of having a model.” – Angus Bradley


Episode Timeline | What You’ll Learn:

01:04 – Introducing Angus Bradley & The topics of today’s episode.

06:55 – His weightlifting seminars, developing the Wollongong fitness scene, & the pros and cons of starting a gym and hiring coaches.

15:35 – Fears Angus had before teaching his GPP seminar & What it was actually like to host the seminar.

26:52 – Why you don’t need to be good at sales as a coach, you need to be good at retention and consistency…

32:45 – Controversial arguments in the fitness/movement industry.

36:36 – Pain and discomfort is inevitable in S&C training, but is it dangerous?

39:44 – Why Angus still loves the compression expansion model even though he doesn’t talk about it anymore.

50:07 – Why every exercise is useful EXCEPT the Palloff Press.

53:18 – Our thoughts on PRI and Self-Organization & Teaching coaches the importance of relaxation.

1:04:56 – About Angus’ mentorship program & The power of critical thinking in the coaching profession.


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About the Guest:

Angus Bradley is an anti-dogma, principle-driven weightlifting and performance coach and mentor. He also is a co-host of the Hyperformance Podcast.


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