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LBB, Core & UBB


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    • The Program That David Uses To Initiate All His Private Clients
    • Hip, Knee & Ankle Mobility
    • Running Specific Strength Exercises
    • Tried & Tested By Over 6,000 Athletes, Coaches & Therapists

    6 weeks ago I had given up on returning to football. But with LBB, my hip, ankle and low back pain are literally gone! I can feel my body ‘allowing’ me to do movements and twist & turn in ways I haven’t for 2-3 years. THANK YOU!!

    Neal Byrne, Sydney
    • Breathing Exercises That Will Change Your Hip And Spine Mobility In Minutes.
    • Learn The Exercises That David Uses To Help Get His Pro-Athlete And Olympians Out Of Pain And Performing Better Than Ever.
    • David’s Favorite Exercises For Treating Feet, Achilles, Knee, Hamstring And Hip Issues.
    • Beginner And Advanced Exercises To Suit Every Level.

    I have been a movement teacher for 30 years and have never felt such profound results in my own body.

    Eileen Birks, Canada
    • The Core Training Blueprint That David Uses With
      All His Clients
    • Regressions & Progressions For Every Level
    • Access To 60+ Exercises From David’s Private
    • Join The 1,500 Others Using & Loving This Program
    • Digital Download Delivered Straight To Your Inbox

    The new breathing drills are unreal. Learning to close the front ribs has been a game changer for me and some of my clients too.

    Rob Moloney
    • A Better Arm Swing
    • A More Relaxed Neck (With Our Bonus Neck Section)
    • Ribs That Can Expand And Compress In 360 Degrees
    • To Improve Your Shoulder Range Of Motion
    • To Building Strength In Ways That Doesn’t Leave You Feeling Miserable
    • To See The Exercises That I Use With My Clients To Clean Up Even The Most Complex Upper Body Issues

    I would highly recommend to anyone involved in a rotational sport as the program is highly relevant to game based activity. Whilst a challenging program, it is extremely rewarding to these specific athletes.

    Pauric Mahoney, Ballygunner & Waterford Intercounty Hurler


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