In this episode of the David Grey Rehab Podcast, I welcome Grant Fowler, Head Coach/CEO/Founder of Fowler Fitness. Grant has developed some of the most comprehensive programs and methods for total athletic development, so he’s here to tell you how it’s done.


Listen in as we talk about business and social media strategies for trainers/coaches, tips for developing programs for remote clients, injury nutrition and supplementation, red light therapy, and more.


You’ll learn Grant’s framework for online coaching, how to determine the best level of training intensity for your clients, and the #1 mineral that most athletes are deficient in.


You have two different kinds of people. You have the people that aren’t getting the results because they’re not putting that intent into the training and you have some people that need to learn how to actually relax and maybe, I hate to say it but, give a 70% effort.” – Grant Fowler


Episode Timeline | What You’ll Learn:

00:20 – Introducing Grant Fowler & The topics of today’s episode.

01:25 – Social media strategies for growing your coaching business.

08:53 – How to get results for your clients who claim your programs aren’t working & Why you should start fitness as a side hustle.

19:42 – How Grant creates his coaching programs & Tips for designing an effective, personalized program.

39:42 – Injury recovery nutrition and supplementation & How he created his own supplement brand.

50:39 – What to do after getting injured & How to use red light therapy for injury recovery, improving sleep, and more.

1:02:59 – Who would you bring to a deserted island?



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About the Guest:

Grant Fowler is the Founder, CEO, and Head Coach at Fowler Fitness. Seeing a major shift from the fundamentals in athletic and sports training, to the latest fads and marketing gimmicks, Grant Fowler set out to bring back authentic, science-based sports training to the greater Houston area. By constantly seeking to further his education, Grant Fowler has had the opportunity to learn from some of the best strength & conditioning coaches, physical therapists, and holistic health professionals, while simultaneously developing some of the most comprehensive programs and methods for total athletic development.


Connect with Grant:

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