In this episode of the David Grey Rehab Podcast, I welcome Aleena Kanner, a Board-Certified & Licensed Athletic Therapist. Aleena uses the concept and science of Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) to help clients breathe more efficiently, lower pain levels, move more symmetrically, and feel grounded in their bodies.


Listen in as we talk about the science of posture restoration and break down methods of testing posture, treating posture issues, and training for better posture. Aleena gives insight into the PRI shoe list (the best shoes for posture), how to get rid of foot and Achilles pain, and tips for improving posture at home and at work.


You’ll learn why the body is asymmetrical and why that matters, the most common gait issue you or your clients might be experiencing, and how posture is affected by the feet, neck, eyes, teeth, and more!


Plus, how bad is flying for your body? Tune in to learn why flying on an airplane is one of the worst things you can do to your body!


“You can help your clients in the gym just by knowing simple cues about lifting weights that relate to asymmetries and just overall extension [posture] and how that can help them in their lives, behaviorally. However you’re training somebody in the gym, you’re going to either exacerbate their pattern or you’re going to somehow make it a little better.”  – Aleena Kanner


Episode Timeline | What You’ll Learn:

00:00 – Introducing Aleena Kanner & The topics of today’s episode.

02:39 – What is PRI?

06:07 – Why does the human body have a dominant side? Why are body asymmetries important to acknowledge?

15:17 – The best test for checking if someone’s body is neutral & What does “neutral” mean?

20:16 – Common gait issue: Just because you can stand on your left leg, doesn’t mean you’re in a proper left stance position…

23:41 – Why posture is a “dirty word” & The pros and cons of being a trainer on Instagram.

27:55 – How Adduction Drop Tests changed the way I viewed postural assessments, even though I don’t use them anymore.

34:33 – The importance of training both sides of the body, Feet & Achilles pain, and the best shoes for posture and foot pain.

53:13 – How do teeth, eyes, and neck impact posture?

1:11:47 – The best home office setup for good posture & Tips for improving posture if you work in a cubicle.

1:20:50 – Misconceptions of PRI & The PRI courses that Aleena took.

1:43:03 – Join us for a relaxing breathing practice!


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Resources Mentioned:

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Postural Restoration Institute

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About the Guest:

Aleena Kanner grew up very active, spending most of her life competing in gymnastics and Olympic Weightlifting.
Continuing with her passion for sports and rehabilitation, she obtained her master’s degree in Athletic Training from the University of Arkansas in 2016.
Soon after graduating, she opened her own business focusing on the concepts and science of Postural Restoration Institute (PRI). With this unique approach that uses these techniques focusing on making neurological changes, she helps clients breathe more efficiently, move more symmetrically, lower pain levels, and feel grounded in their bodies. She works with dentists, podiatrists and neuro optometrists to optimize her client’s senses to make significant changes to posture, patterns & imbalances. She will be working out of two locations – New York City & Arizona. 
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