In this episode of the David Grey Rehab Podcast, I welcome Yoeri Pegel, the Head Strength Coach at AFC Ajax Football Club in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Listen in as we talk about all things strength training, his transition from working with basketball players to working with football (soccer) players, and how he manages to train athletes in different length seasons.

You’ll learn Yoeri’s strategies for managing an athlete that’s having issues bearing load, how to prepare athletes for pre-season training, and the impact of Frans Bosch’s work on strength and conditioning practices in Europe.

“Sport practice doesn’t fulfill all of these demands, generally, that are going to be asked during a game or certain qualities that are needed for success in the game. That’s the whole reason why a strength and conditioning coach even exists in the first place is because there are certain stimuli that can’t be provided through sport practice alone and need to periodized in a very intelligent manner for the athletes to develop to the point where they’re capable of higher performance outputs within sport. But with that being said, it’s secondary to sport practice.”      – Yoeri Pegel


Episode Timeline | What You’ll Learn:

00:00 – Introducing Yoeri Pegel & The topics of today’s episode.

03:10 – The benefits of having a broad development as a sports coach, then having a niche later on in their career.

07:55 – Adjusting to different seasons of sports and the transition from coaching basketball to soccer.

10:31 – How to distinguish a capacity for load in your athlete vs. a high risk for injury

15:13 – Preparing athletes during off-season training for the demands of pre-season training

24:44 – Is Frans Bosch’s courses and books popular in Europe? Would he agree with how you’re using his teachings?

36:49 – Theories on improving hip locks & Coaching principles Yoeri has developed over his career.

45:32 – Which 3 people would you bring to a deserted island?


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Yoeri Pegel is the Head of Strength at AFC Ajax, a Dutch professional football club based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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