Did you know that ticklish feet in adulthood is a sign that your movement hasn’t developed properly?

No need to panic, though, we have an expert here to unpack that… In this episode of the David Grey Rehab Podcast, I welcome Helen Hall, a running coach, biomechanics analyst, explorer of movement, author, and owner of one of four DORIS gait analysis technology systems in the world. Using the latest in movement science and gait analysis technology, Helen helps people find solutions for their pain and injuries and teaches people to run with more speed, less effort, and fewer injuries. Sounds amazing, right?


Listen in as we talk about all things feet, movement assessment and coaching, the DORIS platform, infant vs. human movement development, and so much more.


You’ll learn how to get to the root cause of a movement problem, the importance of helping people move without overthinking the movement, and Helen’s thoughts on the proper socks, shoes, and arch support for runners.


“It’s noticing what happens when a body isn’t thinking about [movement], noticing what happens when a body IS thinking about it, to then know where next to go because if they can only do something when they’re thinking about it and then it instantly drops the minute they’re not thinking about it, then we can, I feel, quite safely go an explore maybe not an old injury in terms of joint mechanics, but go and explore the movement in terms of a developmental organization.”           – Helen Hall


Episode Timeline | What You’ll Learn:

00:00 – Introducing Helen Hall & The topics of today’s episode.

03:44 – About DORIS: What does it measure, what are the limitations, and how does it work?

06:43 – What Helen does as a running/movement coach & How she uses technology in her coaching practice

16:30 – How do you figure out the root cause of movement issues? & Differentiating infant vs. human movement development

37:29 – How to get stronger and run faster with muscle sequencing

47:29 – Wearing shoes and socks as a runner, building an arch to stop pronation, and why you shouldn’t have ticklish feet as an adult.

1:01:09 – The connection between body/mind awareness and performance


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Helen Hall is a biomechanics analyst, author, runner and coach and with a passion to understand and teach biomechanically efficient motion. Using the latest in movement science and gait analysis technology, she helps people find solutions for their pain and injuries and teachs people to run with more speed for less effort incurring fewer injuries in the process. She calls it Perpetual Forward Motion and she has written a book about it called ‘Even With Your Shoes On – The Running Shift’.


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