What is the secret to growing your business? This week’s guest is going to teach you all about growing a brand through social media and online memberships. In this episode of the David Grey Rehab Podcast, I welcome Dr. Shanté Cofield (aka The Movement Maestro). Shanté is a physical therapist and entrepreneur who’s passionate about teaching coaches and movement professionals how to use social media to grow their brand and support their online business.


Listen in as we talk about overcoming the challenges of growing your social media presence, problematic stereotypes within the movement industry, how to mitigate the risk of your business relying on social media, and more!


You’ll hear tips and strategies for gaining followers and engagement on social media, choosing an online business model, and developing your online product/service offerings, like coaching programs and memberships.


“Yeah, I love social media but if you want success, go be the absolute fucking best at whatever it is that you do.”    

– Dr. Shanté Cofield


Episode Timeline | What You’ll Learn:

00:00 – Introducing Dr. Shanté Cofield & The topics of today’s episode.

03:15 – Do you have to post every day to grow your brand on social media?

05:42 – Shanté’s candid thoughts on the stereotype that “failed coaches go into business coaching”

08:05 – Is it important to be successful as a coach before going into business coaching?

10:40 – Using social media contributes to better communication skills

11:35 – Tips for gaining traction on social media & Advice for entrepreneurs who don’t want to use social media

17:25 – Online business models: Shanté’s preferences & advice on going B2C or B2B

22:37 – Creating programs and memberships for your clients

25:17 – The products/membership that Shanté offers & Business strategies they use

35:57 – Opportunities for developing your online offerings & A sneak peek into my intensive course

42:16 – How to mitigate the risk that comes with your business relying on social media

45:05 – What’s coming next? & Our thoughts on TikTok vs. Instagram for entrepreneurs

48:26 – Is there such a thing as giving out too much free content?

55:51 – Shanté’s closing thoughts

1:01:27 – The key to longevity and enjoyment in your career


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Dr. Shanté Cofield is a physical therapist, entrepreneur, and creator of The Movement Maestro, where they coach movement professionals on using social media to grow their brand and support their online business.


Connect with Dr. Shanté Cofield:

Follow Shanté on Instagram

Visit Shanté’s website