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What do coaches look for when sprint training athletes? In this episode of the David Grey Rehab Podcast, I welcome Jonas Tawiah Dodoo, Head Coach at Speedworks Training. Jonas is a high performance and speed coach internationally known as the coach of runner Reece Prescod and several other Olympic and Paralympic medalists. Today, he’s here to share with you his expertise on sprinting and speed training!

Tune in as we talk about the biomechanics of speed, exercise selection for increasing sprinting speed, how to rehabilitate injured hamstrings, and much more!

You’ll learn the major drivers of sprinting and performance, the core principles of speed for athletes, the importance of pelvis control in sprinting, and the 3 phases of Jonas’s dribble/drill conditioning method.


“It’s far more about, how do you create pretension in the air so that by the time you hit the ground, you have enough force to spike your ground contact?”         – Jonas Tawiah Dodoo


Episode Timeline | What You’ll Learn:

00:00 – Introducing Jonas Dodoo & The topics of today’s episode.

05:00 – Jonas’s biggest evolution as a coach.

06:22 – What we can learn from injuries and rehabilitation.

09:34 – Fundamentals of sprinting & What it means to spike your ground contact.

11:13 – The switch and the scissor: Research on limb coordination and limb exchange coordination in sprinting.

12:53 – Jonas breaks down some speed training terminology & What his coaching eye looks for in sprinters.

21:30 – The meaning behind “Bum before back” and “hip extension before back and knee extension”.

26:11 – Myth or fact? To run faster, you need to lift more and get stronger.

31:07 – The role of exercise specificity and dynamic correspondence in speed training and performance.

34:10 – Exercises Jonas uses in his speed training program & The role of the gym.

39:22 – Hamstring rehabilitation: How to reintroduce load and speed after a hamstring injury.

45:59 – The importance of pelvis control in sprinting & Exercises that strengthen pelvis control.

1:00:05 – What is dribble/drill conditioning? & The 3 phases of Jonas’s conditioning method.

1:10:22 – How Jonas is growing and expanding Speedworks Training.

1:15:47 – Which 3 people would you bring to a deserted island?

If we took emotion out of injury we would learn so much more about systems and system development.”       – Jonas Tawiah Dodoo

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Speedworks Training provides an educational experience across the fields of sports coaching, sports rehabilitation and sport science for both athletes and members of a support team. Speedworks Training is led by elite coach Jonas Tawiah Dodoo. Jonas spent a half a decade under the tutelage of world renowned sprints coach Dan Pfaff. This relationship was formalised through the UK Athletics apprenticeship program and lead to success at 2012 Olympic games where both Jonas and his mentor brought home medals in Paralympic and Olympic categories.

Post 2012 Olympics Jonas has continued to work in performance sport, developing the most talented athletics groups in Europ, which includes Olympic medalists, World Championship medalists and a world 100m finalist.

Jonas also consults with the fastest players in Premiership Rugby and Football in all aspects from position specific speed skills to accelerated rehabilitation protocols.

Jonas’ training philosophy is built around tried and tested methods used within high performance training and aims to develop an environment that facilitates health, efficiency and skill acquisition.

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