What happens in the body when you practice plyometrics? In this episode of the David Grey Rehab Podcast, I welcome Matt McInnes Watson, a performance coach specializing in track and field, speed, power, and plyometrics. He’s a PhD Researcher and the Owner of the coaching business, PLUSPLYOS, where he provides plyometrics programs to athletes and coaches all over the world.

Tune in as we talk about how Matt classifies and defines plyometrics, potential shin and Achilles issues within plyometrics, what’s happening in an athletes body when they’re in the air, preparing for a landing, and much more.

You’ll also learn about the plyometric spectrum, how to write a plyometrics program, and how to reintroduce plyometrics to an injured athlete. This is a knowledge-packed episode you won’t want to skip over!


Plyometrics… the simplest form is… there has to be a landing and a take-off sequence to the movement and it has to be pretty fast”, Matt McInnes Watson


Episode Timeline | What You’ll Learn:

00:34 – Introducing Matt McInnes Watson & The topics of today’s episode

05:24 – Matt’s mentorship and background in sports, coaching, and teaching

09:39 – One of my biggest regrets as an athlete & The benefits of gaining a variety of athletic skills as an athlete

19:41 – How plyometrics and speed work translates to the field

21:12 – Defining and classifying plyometric movements

28:13 – Matt’s research on movement terminology and language

30:35 – The plyometric spectrum (tiers of plyometrics)

37:45 – Pre-activation & Cues: What’s happening in an athlete’s body when they’re in the air, preparing for a landing?

46:55 – Speculation: When the foot hits the floor, what happens at the muscle and the Achilles tendon?

50:58 – “Stiffness” in plyometrics

55:36 – Is there a sweet spot for foot contact in landings?

59:11 – Potential shin and Achilles problems in plyometrics

1:10:55 – How to write a plyo program and reintroduce plyometrics to an injured athlete

1:25:34 – Which 3 coaches would you bring to a deserted island?


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Matt McInnes Watson is a performance coach and specialist in track and field, speed, power and plyometrics. Matt is the owner of Plus Plyos, a coaching business that provides plyometric programs and education. He is studying for a PhD in Plyometrics whilst teaching in the United Arab Emirates and coaching athletes from the U.K. and U.S.

Connect with Matt McInnes Watson:

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Resources Mentioned:

Speed Trap by Charlie Francis

Jacked Athlete Podcast by Jake Tuura