This episode has the answers. In this episode of the David Grey Rehab Podcast, I welcome John Noonan, a strength and conditioning coach with 15 years of experience ranging from private clients to Premier League Footballers and Olympians.

Tune in as we talk about the intricate training methods behind Formula 1 and Formula 2 motorsports professionals, the power of neck and breath training, business tactics, and much more.

You’ll gain loads of insight into the strategies and psychology of training Formula 1 athletes, the busy schedule of practicing and racing, and what activities and techniques really make a difference in racers’ performance. 

We’re not gonna try and make you 10% fitter or 10% stronger. You’re fit enough. Of course, we can keep pushing those margins… but we’re not gonna spend an extra hour a week on that if we think the return is minimum”, John Noonan.


Episode Timeline | What You’ll Learn:

00:13 – Introducing John Noonan & The topics of today’s episode

02:53 – Business goals and challenges in 2022: Leveraging time, money mindset, passive income, & building credibility as an online coach

14:20 – Group courses: Are they the best option for your coaching business?

22:17 – The story behind John’s nickname, “The Glute”

24:32 – What it’s like to work and train in F1 motorsports & How he got into motor racing

46:01 – How much time do you train athletes for and what are you doing with them?

49:42 – Why all motorsports athletes do neck work

1:03:56 – Why world-class sprint coaches are THE best coaches in the world

1:05:09 – How breathing and the ribcage has a direct influence on the pelvis & What this means for injury probability

1:14:27 – What I would do if I could take charge of Manchester United…

1:18:30 – Integrity, accountability, honesty, and the power of leveraging and supporting your network.

1:25:04 – Which 3 people would you bring to a deserted island?

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Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

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John Noonan is a performance coach, lecturer and business owner with over 15 years’ experience coaching in elite sport and the public domain. To date, he has worked with professional youth, senior and international athletes in a range of performance sports including: football, rugby union/league, winter Olympic snow sports, boxing, hockey, golf and formula motor racing. He currently holds positions with Hintsa Performance and works with various athletes and corporate clients, as well as provides coach mentorship through his performance consultancy business at Noonan Performance Limited.


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