In this debut episode of the David Grey Rehab Podcast, I welcome Joel Smith, author, S&C coach, Track and Field Coach, and the host of the Just Fly Performance Podcast. Tune in as we explore topics like structured vs. unstructured training programs, the value of jump and balance training, rehab vs. performance training, muscle-driven vs. tendon-driven athletes, and more.

“We do too much, as coaches, so often… just to be able to give an athlete something to do and try and learn, you see the body figuring it out and that’s the beautiful thing.” 

Joel Smith

We also talk about the fundamentals of podcasting… What makes a good podcast? How do I get good guests on my podcast? Joel shares his pro tips for hosting a successful, informative podcast and offers wise words of advice for beginner podcasters.

“We need to create the structure and let the athlete just figure as much out as they can.” Joel Smith

Episode Timeline | What You’ll Learn:

00:13 – Introducing Joel Smith & The topics of today’s episode
05:13 – Joel’s biggest pieces of advice for beginner podcasters
08:06 – What he learned from his first job as a recruiter
09:19 – Order & Chaos: Structured vs. unstructured athlete training programs
17:55 – Benefits and examples of incorporating unstructured play into structured training
25:53 – About Joel’s new course on elasticity: Elastic Essentials & What is elasticity in athletes?
29:01 – You can’t ignore neck and jaw tension in training athletes!
30:20 – Muscular-driven vs. fascial-driven athlete & The importance of upper body movement in athletic training
41:01 – Working around physical deficits in athletes
48:03 – Joel’s thoughts on coaching with plyometrics: The importance of doing a pogo with your toes up & The role of Dorsiflexion in athletic and rehab training
58:35 – How do you conduct a great podcast interview?
1:01:04 – What mistakes have you made as a podcast host?
1:03:09 – Should I send a list of questions or topics to guests before a podcast interview?
1:04:28 – What’s the ideal length of a podcast episode?
1:05:57 – How do you decide what guests to have on your podcast? How do you vet them?
1:06:23 – How do you navigate biases, strong opinions, and context of podcast topics?
1:11:23 – How do I get well-known guests on my podcast? & The one guest Joel had to work hard to get on Just Fly
1:13:18 – My mission for the DGR podcast
1:15:29 – Which 4 of your guests would you bring to a stranded island and why?

“You can coach someone for the rest of your life to try and do something but if their joint can’t get there, they have no chance of doing it. So, bones don’t lie.” David Grey

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