How do coaches integrate running into an athlete’s training process? What do athletes need do in order to change and improve their running skills? In this episode of the David Grey Rehab Podcast, I welcome Graeme Morris, one of Australia’s best S&C coaches. Tune in as we explore topics including running cues, oscillatory isometrics, Graeme’s techniques for training his athletes to improve at running, how shoulder and rib cage motion could affect lower body injuries, and more!

I just really work on the basics, to begin with. I like to separate things into basic acceleration and max velocity. I try to work through a technical model.”   – Graeme Morris

We also talk about the power of simplifying training tactics. Why is it helpful to use basic cues with athletes? What happens when coaches use too many cues? Graeme then speaks on his major back injury and how it has changed his life as an athlete and coach. 

Make really, really simple cues and just understand that a lot of time, they’re not gonna look perfect straight away, but athletes will actually quite often learn to self-organize and make themselves better. But if you give them too many cues, they really struggle with that.” – Graeme Morris

Episode Timeline | What You’ll Learn:

00:13 – Introducing Graeme Morris & The topics of today’s episode

07:30 – Graeme’s greatest strength as a coach/trainer: Stress management

08:34 – The problem with Irish club players & Why less is more in strength training

11:02 – About Graeme’s big upcoming virtual presentation 

12:16 – How to integrate running into an athlete’s training and rehab regimens & Why it’s important to simplify running drills and cues 

18:44 –  Why it’s important to use correct hand positions in running & Why athletes struggle with running techniques

22:21 – The impact of upper body motion and shoulder reconstructions on running skills and lower body injuries

32:29 – The relationship between S&C training and the nervous system

36:15 – How martial arts changes your view on performance training

39:59 – Optimizing training for athletes & How Graeme uses oscillatory isometrics in training fighters 

48:48 – Graeme’s back injury & How it’s still impacting him today

1:04:31 – Our candid thoughts on the pros and cons of Frans Bosch Systems

1:10:14 – What’s your plan for the future?

1:12:55 – Which 3 coaches would you bring to a stranded island and why?

“Exercise is there to train certain tissues. If you’re doing shit technique, it’s highly likely you’re not training what you think you’re training.” – Graeme Morris

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