In this episode of the David Grey Rehab Podcast, I welcome Jamie Smith, the Owner of Melbourne Strength Culture, a strength and performance gym in Australia. Jamie has experience at all levels within the industry and is here to share his wealth of knowledge and expertise in entrepreneurship, content creation, and professional development.

Tune in as we talk about Jamie’s entrepreneurial journey, from creating content and growing a podcast to building a team of coaches and a gym that’s sure to leave a lasting legacy for Australia’s S&C industry. Plus, he shares his top tips, strategies, and resources for content creators, entrepreneurs, and coaches.

 “Anytime where you begin to look into yourself and look into your processes, whether or not you’re creating social media content or building out something to teach somebody… that’s probably where you’re going to see the biggest gains in your own understanding of what you’re actually doing and having that introspection, I think, is massive”, Jamie Smith.

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 Episode Timeline | What You’ll Learn:

00:13 – Introducing Jamie Smith & The topics of today’s episode

06:31 – The value of learning about social media as a business owner

08:04 – Melbourne Strength Culture’s growth journey & Jamie’s top tips for social media content creation and podcasting

16:30 – Jamie’s goal with the Strength Culture Podcast

21:44 – The importance of identifying your ideal customer profile (ICP) and communicating with your target audience

24:29 – Who we get content inspiration from & Don’t be afraid to reinvest your revenue back into your business!

30:24 – Jamie’s identity shift: From personal trainer/strength coach to business owner

40:20 – Jamie’s goal of having international interns

42:23 – No marketing strategy can outperform your product! Making great content starts with being a great coach.

44:27 – Professional development strategies and resources for content creators, entrepreneurs, and coaches

1:03:06 – When do I need to hire a content creator?

1:05:06 – YouTube growth tactics for 2022

1:09:25 – Which 3 coaches would you bring to a stranded island and why?

Every little piece of input that they are getting, your language, your position, your stance, your tone, the words you emphasize, the part of the word you emphasize, the jargon you use, all of that is changing the way they perceive what is about to happen from any output… You can completely shift the outcome 180 degrees simply by changing your language…”, Jamie Smith.

Jamie Smith is the owner of Melbourne Strength Culture, a strength and performance gym in Australia. Jamie has experience at all levels within the industry from young coach completing internships to working at professional level sport and now building a business with a team of coaches.

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