In this episode, David answers questions from his Instagram Q&A session. 

He covers topics such as:

  • Getting people back in the gait cycle
  • The importance of sensory work for the feet
  • His involvement in grappling
  • Potential new programs
  • His decision to join Twitter

With a mix of movement-based topics and personal insights, this episode offers valuable content for all listeners. Tune in to hear David’s responses to these thought-provoking questions.


(00:00:00) Intro

(00:01:08) Getting people back in the gait cycle. 

(00:06:03) Therapist quality in our industry. 

(00:09:56) Scaling up the business. 

(00:12:31) Potential hires for revenue growth. 

(00:16:07) Three arms of the business. 

(00:20:15) Investing in real estate. 

(00:24:02) Restoring mobility through gait cycle. 

(00:28:19) Improving how people move forward. 

(00:32:23) Teaching people how to move forward better. 

(00:38:02) Speed of movement and sensing. 

(00:41:25) Grappling and meniscus injury. 

(00:43:16) Grappling jujitsu and personal growth. 

(00:49:29) Gatekeeping podcast information. 

(00:52:07) Exercise order and psychology. 

(00:56:46) The value of free content. 

(01:00:55) Three sold-out workshops coming up.


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