In this episode of the David Grey Rehab podcast, David welcomes back guest Graeme Morris.

They discuss Graeme’s journey in the sports industry since his last appearance on the show, including his new job in professional sports.

They also delve into topics such as calf and hamstring rehab.

David and Graeme share insights and anecdotes, making for an enjoyable and informative conversation.

Don’t miss this episode with one of David’s favourite industry professionals.


(00:00:00) Intro

(00:04:32) Athletic development and overtraining. 

(00:07:58) General nature of strength training.

(00:11:02) Strength training and martial arts. 

(00:15:11) The Gray Ham from America. 

(00:19:03) Rehab challenges and setbacks. 

(00:23:10) What changed as a coach? 

(00:27:13) Calf injuries and running speeds. 

(00:30:46) Overcoming and yielding ISOs. 

(00:35:09) How to rehab a calf.

(00:39:09) Plyometrics resurgence in training. 

(00:41:06) Pre-season training methods. 

(00:45:55) Selling new exercises to athletes. 

(00:49:19) Sneaking in breathing drills. 

(00:52:20) Player development and training. 

(00:56:09) Social media and training habits. 

(01:00:09) Thailand’s beautiful beaches and food. 

(01:04:09) Curve-Linear Running in Team Sports.


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