In this episode of the David Grey Rehab podcast, David returns with a solo episode to answer some listener questions.

He addresses topics such as preventing the quad from taking over during a soleus slouch, explaining the biomechanics of a good clean hip hinge, and discussing the challenges of getting clients to adopt new perspectives. Tune in for valuable insights and expert advice on these subjects.


(00:00:00) Intro

(00:01:52) Why is change difficult? 

(00:04:12) DGR Espanol and Workshop Updates. 

(00:09:53) Feeling the soleus muscle. 

(00:13:17) Engaging the knee in rehab. 

(00:16:22) Biomechanics of a hip hinge. 

(00:21:14) Hip flexion in closed chain. 

(00:24:23) Closed chain hip flexion. 

(00:27:22) Hip mobility and glute strength. 

(00:32:12) First mover advantage in ideas. 

(00:37:11) First mover advantage. 

(00:39:25) Clients’ resistance to new perspectives. 

(00:43:07) Proof through feeling and change. 

(00:47:22) Proof in the form of personal experience. 

(00:51:09) An interesting topic.


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