In this solo episode of the David Grey Rehab podcast, episode, David addresses the debate of tucking versus untucking the pelvis.

He expresses his opinion that, in most cases, he prefers to leave the pelvis along and avoid cueing for tucking or untucking. Specifically he believes that tucking the pelvis is not beneficial in standing up drills such as split squats, hinges, wall acceleration drills, or plyometrics.

Instead, he suggests alternative methods to achieve a slight posterior tilt or posterior expansion, such as using a front-loaded position, reaching the arms in front, or maintaining heel pressure.

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(00:03:32) The pelvis and motion. 

(00:04:08) Pelvic movement in different planes. 

(00:08:10) Neutral pelvis and exercise variations. 

(00:12:21) Pelvic tilts and posture. 

(00:17:19) Pronation drills and pelvic hike. 

(00:22:37) Cueing the hip lock. 

(00:24:07) Rotating towards the stance leg. 

(00:28:10) Zercher position and its variations. 

(00:33:39) Using kickstand hinge technique. 

(00:35:29) Robbing people’s ability to hinge.


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