In this episode of the David Grey Rehab podcast, David welcomes Alan Murdoch, owner of Speedworks Bath, and coach who specialises in rehabilitation for high-level athletes.

They discuss the importance of switching projection and reactivity in athletic performance and delve into Alan’s unique approach to rehab, which focuses on intermuscular coordination and gait cycle specificity.

David and Alan also explore topics such as plyometrics, sprinting, and returning to sport after injury.

Tune in for a wealth of valuable insights from this phenomenal coach.


About our Guest: 

Prior to founding Speedworks Bath, Alan was the Head of Academy Performance and Rehabilitation services at Bath Rugby. 

Regarded as one of the premier speed coaches in the UK, Alan has been working in professional sport for over 12 years and has a specialist interest and skillset in all things speed, agility and injury rehabilitation. He has supported many international level team sport athletes in rugby and football to perform at the very highest level and helped countless young athletes transition to professional sport better athletes and better humans.


[00:00:00] Introduction

[00:01:43] Rehab process and intermuscular coordination. 

[00:10:12] Calf pandemic. 

[00:15:01] Movement and rehab development. 

[00:19:51] ACL surgery and early rehab. 

[00:24:10] A speed-based approach. 

[00:26:39] Enhancing traditional strength training. 

[00:31:04] Distribution of load and stress. 

[00:34:10] Key components to acceleration. 

[00:42:23] Movement coaching and athlete development. 

[00:44:16] Coaching acceleration and sidestep. 

[00:48:08] Plyometric stress continuum. 

[00:52:22] Complex 3D Plyometric Exercises. 

[00:55:05] Sensations and neuromuscular work. 

[01:01:07] Soldier’s chronic hip pain. 

[01:08:00] Transfer of Training.


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