In episode #76 of the David Grey Rehab podcast, David chats about the foot, pronation, and loading & unlocking the mid-foot. 

“Compression is what pronates the foot, not driving your knee into the inside, not pushing your inside arch into the floor.”

He answers questions from listeners and explains higher level concepts around how to do it and why it won’t work. 

This is a great episode we’re sure you’ll enjoy!


[00:00:00] Introduction

00:00:14 Foot unlocking exercises explained. 

00:06:22 Wearing specific shoes for pronation. 

00:12:25 Wear shoes for ground exercises. 

00:19:44 Wearing shoes can help with foot issues on the floor

00:23:09 Compression pronates the foot. 

00:28:28 Sensitize through standing movement.


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