In episode #75 of the David Grey Rehab podcast, David joins Nick from The Foot Collective to chat on his podcast: Restore to Explore. 

This is a great episode we’re sure you’ll enjoy!


00:00:10 David’s journey to rehab. 

00:04:45 Motivations: fear and helping people. 

00:12:49 Can the foot change shape? 

00:14:20 Focus on function, not appearance. 

00:19:04 Footwear should match individual needs. 

00:23:39 Amplification over compensation in athletics. 

00:31:24 Feeling good is underrated.

00:37:52 Involve clients in the process. 

00:44:30 Expertise through experience, not education. 

00:50:10 Health is more than absence. 

00:57:07 Nuanced approach to natural footwear. 

01:01:32 Overcoming limiting beliefs about wealth.


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