In episode 72 of the David Grey Rehab podcast, David fields three different questions from listeners.

He discusses the idea of position dictating function, provides tips for helping therapists improve their ability to analyse movement, and offers advice on developing general versus specific strength in the gym.

[00:01:01] Physio and coaching collaboration. 

[00:04:10] Progressing Running Skills Safely. 

[00:08:18] Munich workshop and “position dictates function”. 

[00:11:54] Position influencing function. 

[00:15:44] Importance of Warmup for Movement. 

[00:19:50] Coaching movement and time management. 

[00:25:41] Developing general vs specific strength. 

[00:27:18] Unspecific training for athletes. 

[00:31:41] Proper foot positioning during exercises. 

[00:34:45] Movement patterns in sports. 

[00:38:15] Pursuing Goals and Traveling.


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