On episode 71 of the David Grey Rehab Podcast we welcome Vas Krishnan, a super smart guy with a background in human movement.

We discuss topics such as sprinting, the gait cycle, plyometrics, compensations in the gait cycle, and diversity in the industry. We also talk about Vas’s various roles in the industry and the importance of not being driven too insane. 

This episode is for anyone interested in human movement (which I’m assuming is you!!) and is  loaded with some super useful information.

Vas will also be doing a presentation for the DGR Interactive member’s site very shortly too, so stay tuned!

More about the guest:

Vas is a Physio, S&C, Sports Scientist, Athlete and Coach in the domain of track and field with a specific interest in Sprints, having helped and assisted national level sprinters for the past 3 years. Currently working alongside the horizontal jumps lead for Australia (Andrew Murphy) a close friend, mentor and coach of Vas. 

He has a plethora of skills and knows the ins and outs of sprinting, both from a personal athlete experience, injury point of view and elite performance context.


(00:04:48) Groin instability and pathology. 

(00:08:45) Surgery and rehabilitation. 

(00:13:03) Push Pull Run event. 

(00:19:39) Balancing different skills. 

(00:21:10) Physiotherapy burnout rates. 

(00:26:47) Hamstring tendinopathy. 

(00:31:05) Efficient running mechanics. 

(00:34:00) Sprinting timing and precision. 

(00:37:07) Improving Locomotion through Timing. 

(00:39:59) Importance of drills in training. 

(00:43:41) Natural talent for running. 

(00:48:21) Running form analysis. 

(00:51:15) Sprinting and bodily organization. 

(00:54:40) Athlete data analysis. 

(00:58:05) Injury legacy and motor control. 

(01:03:07) Plyometric progression and compensation. 

(01:07:00) Learned skills in golf. 

(01:10:06) Coaching and posture controversy. 


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