On episode 70 of the David Grey Rehab podcast, David answers two listener questions. The first question is about what sports parents should encourage their children to play in order to help them become well-rounded athletes. David shares his thoughts on the topic, admitting that his answer may vary depending on the day.

The second question asks about tips for coaches when they don’t have enough time to fully coach their clients through movements, particularly when assigning homework. David offers advice on how to choose effective homework and help clients be successful in completing it.


[00:01:21] Coaching successful homework completion. 

[00:05:22] Choosing youth sports in Ireland. 

[00:09:00] Sprinting for athletic development. 

[00:16:02] Fighting as a non-negotiable. 

[00:19:11] Importance of Jiu-Jitsu. 

[00:23:03] Kids and head injuries. 

[00:26:21] Martial arts and physical development. 

[00:34:00] Parkour for child development. 

[00:37:38] Benefits of playing sports.

[00:41:09] Choosing sports for children. 

[00:44:44] Can’t lose movements.

[00:52:10] Joint mobility exercises.


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