Here are the fundamentals you NEED to know about stretching, flexibility, and mobility if you’re a coach or athlete. We’re busting flexibility myths and uncovering the truth behind why people lack strength and move poorly (including yoga teachers!). In this episode of the David Grey Rehab Podcast, I welcome Jeffrey Wolf aka “The Flexibull”, who is the Creator of Strength Culture, where he provides simple and effective online weight loss programs and strength, mobility, and athletic training programs.

Tune in as we dive deep into the theories behind stretching and flexibility as well as the practical applications of stretching and flexibility in the coaching and training world. We also talk about why all coaches need to study Dynamic Systems Theory and Jeff shares his favourite flexibility teachers, books, and programs.

When you say flexibility, people just think extremes and I’m not talking necessarily in extremes, I’m just talking about whatever’s needed to accomplish the task that’s being asked of your body… If you don’t have flexibility in certain areas, your body will figure out a different way to go about it.” Jeffrey Wolf

“The more options that you have to complete a certain task, the more chance of success you have… and that is essentially what we call coordination.” Jeffrey Wolf

Episode Timeline | What You’ll Learn:

00:13 – Introducing Jeffrey Wolf & The topics of today’s episode

02:19 – How he got the nickname The Flexibull & creating ATG with Knees Over Toes Guy

17:10 – Jeff’s current work: Opening a new gym & Training clients and high school football teams.

18:39 – What’s different about Jeff’s training methods for young athletes & The importance of stretching and flexibility.

24:52 – What happens when you lose flexibility and range of motion or get injured as a teenager? & The role of hormones in young athletes.

29:43 – Flexibility vs. Mobility: How they’re different & The #1 problem with marketing “mobility” products/services.

41:25 – Why many people lack strength and move poorly & Effectively utilizing internal and external rotations.

52:15 – The benefits of studying and using Dynamic Systems Theory.

1:00:16 – Navigating your body’s constraints and variability.

1:06:35 – Jeff’s flexibility journey: Top flexibility teachers and resources.

1:11:50 – How and when to properly stretch your muscles.

1:16:28 – Our best advice for coaches and practitioners.

1:27:29 – Recommended books and resources on flexibility and stretching.

1:34:02 – Which 3 coaches would you bring to a stranded island and why?

I have to support the athlete for the sport he’s playing, I’m not trying to make him a lifter. So, I use things that are the best bang for the buck for whatever purpose that is. And historically, that’s going to be a squat or a hinge and some pushes and pulls to just keep it super simple and then you sprinkle in whatever other remedial work or accessory work for whatever that individual needs for specific positions.” Jeffrey Wolf

Jeffrey Wolf is a fitness trainer with over seven years of professional experience, helping clients in Clearwater, Tampa, and St. Petersburg, Florida, and around the country. To reach clients across the country, he has developed an effective online training program that offers the best in convenience while also working with clients in person. Whether providing in person or online instructions, Jeffrey’s a fitness trainer helping clients transform their bodies and reach their goals.

While many coaches/fitness trainers specialise in specific training modalities, he works with several. From bodybuilding and strength training to yoga and mobility/flexibility training, and more, his programs mix it up to help you reach your goals.

Jeffrey prides himself on practical and simple applications that improve body composition, quality of life, and confidence.

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Resources Mentioned:


Knees Over Toes Guy

Emmet Louis

GymFit by Christopher Sommer

Stretching & Flexibility by Kit Laughlin

Dan Van Zandt

Thomas Kurz

Stretching Scientifically by Thomas Kurz

Dante Trudel

Louie Simmons

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