#69 Jill Miller: Yoga, Hypermobility, & Relaxation Induced Anxiety

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In this episode, we have Jill Miller, a disruptor in the yoga space with two decades of experience as a yoga therapist. 

She is the creator of Yoga Tune Up, a programming model that incorporates functional movement and self-massage using small grippy pliable balls. She is also the author of two books, including “Body by Breath”, and a contributor to a medical textbook called “Fascia, Function, and Medical Applications”. 

Jill shares her expertise on the mechanics of fascia and the respiratory diaphragm, and their global impact on all systems of the body. 

Time Stamps:

(00:00:34) Yoga: Disruptive, Functional, Fascia

(00:07:11) Improve body mapping and mobility.

(00:13:36) Movement is key for recovery.

(00:21:06) Relax, don’t fight tension.

(00:24:30) Yoga can cause hypermobility.

(00:33:30) Listen to your body.

(00:38:51) Set realistic deadlines.

(00:40:03) Writing a book is hard.

(00:48:46) Relaxation leads to anxiety.

(00:54:47) Relaxation requires practice.

(00:59:19) Rebuild with awareness and support.

(01:03:05) Breathe with diaphragm.

(01:06:39) Train core muscles for balance.

(01:13:29) Movement and breath are key.

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