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In this episode of the David Grey Rehab Podcast, I team up with Peter Wright AKA Petey Performance for a tag team podcast, make sure to check to check out the Petey Performance pod here

We talk about the psychology of coaching and training, language and cues, the negative transfer of training and much more.

Episode Timeline – What you will learn:

(00:00) – Podcast Intro

(03:15) – Working with Ciara

(05:48) – Having fun / Attracting the right people and the power of authenticity 

(10:51) – Your words are SO powerful

(12:50) – Psychology and seminars

(19:43) – Boredom, engagement and learning

(25:06) – Building skills (movement is a skill) 

(28:55) – More reps or better cues?

(32:18) – The top tier of skill development, professional athletes, patterns and mindset

(35:14) – Biggest strength = biggest weakness?

(39:08) – Thinking is not overthinking

(43:05) – The DGR mission statement

(46:08) – N.G.M.I

(48:32) – Actions speak louder than words

(52:35) – Please THINK

(54:54) – Our job as coaches

(57:17) – Negative transfer of training

(1:05:34) – Narrow & Wide ISA’s

(1:07:42) – The Irish Wonderboy + Imposter syndrome

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