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In this episode of the David Grey Rehab Podcast, I answer three great questions from our members and talk about the importance of rhythm, confidence in your work, and storytelling! Enjoy the pod!

Episode Timeline – What you will learn:

(00:00) – Podcast Intro

(01:07) – Tyrone Workshop recap (tickets still available for DUBLIN & MONTREAL)

(03:04) – PerformX London Presentation – Progressing plyos

(07:10) – Q#1 “How useful is the thought process around strengthening the antagonist muscle to where you have pain?”

(09:14) – With pain, anything could work – the body loves novel stimuli


(15:34) – Q#2 ‘How much do you use learnings from PHDs in the industry to design your programs?”

(18:55) – Where does my thought process for patellar tendinopathy come from?

(20:56) – Rhythm in rehab

(23:36) –  Many researchers are not working with a particularly athletic or well trained population

(30:54) – Q#3 “How long do you think you can keep creating new content & how long does it usually take someone to get to grips with the DGR system?”

(44:00) – Barry Hearn PerformX talk and the power of storytelling


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