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 Episode Timeline | What You’ll Learn:

 (00:00) – Podcast Intro

(05:50) – Australia trip and workshops

(13:11) – Haircut statement / press release

(14:19) – Business workshop with Jamie Smith

(15:58) – Answering Petras question re DISTAL AND PROXIMAL TENSION

(19:31) – The importance of the eyes and how I cue vision + Trust and bracing

(22:26) – Midfeet, centering, breathing and trust

(23:23) – Rugby players stiff arm. Co-contractions and distal tension

(25:38) – Yoga, hyper mobility, gripping and grounding

(30:54) – Pronation and midstance. Compression and expansion

(33:58) Practical implementation – example of low back tension

(35:49) – The importance of the feet. Building tension and collecting movement.

(37:54) – Question 2: Is it important to understand the patterns of asymmetry in the human body?

(43:34) – Assessments and seeing patterns

(50:52) – Jiu Jitsu + Podcast Outro

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