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In this episode of the David Grey Podcast, David is joined live by Soisci Porchetta.

Soisci is a movement teacher and the founder of ‘Human Patterns’. She is also one of Davids first teachers and if you listen very carefully you might hear her say that David is one of her best students.

David and Soisci have an enlightening conversation about their own individual journeys, and what has changed since they last connected. They speak about Soiscis training with Ido Portal, Davids famous 60 second handstand, integration and improvisation, alignment and joy, morals and ethics of a coach, old and and longevity, her work with Fighting Monkey and so much more.

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 Episode Timeline | What You’ll Learn:

(00:00) – Podcast intro

(01:00) – Soisci joins the podcast

(02:42) – Online vs in person 

(06:10) – Predicting Soiscis analysis of Davids workshops

(09:38) – Arriving in Sydney and working with Ido Portal

(16:20) – Charisma and Infectiousness

(18:49) – Typical training day with Ido 

(21:47) – Integration and improvisation

(24:35) – Knees over toes

(26:30) – Bringing movement to the masses

(27:45) – David and Soiscis first meeting and Davids first muscle up

(29:48) – Alignment, general population and joy.

(32:27) – Davids world famous 60 second handstand

(35:55) Mobility = sharing load through the system

(43:14) – Turning 30!

(48:30) – The morals and ethics of a coach

(51:02) – Working with the elderly and longevity

(54:05) – Longevity is for everyone

(59:28) – What is Fighting Monkey

(1:02:15) – Jiu Jitsu

(1:06:00) – Making a new client safe, welcome and comfortable

(1:10:45) – Fighting Monkey part 2

(1:17:22) – Independence, connection and Kung Fu Panda

(1:20:00) – Patterns and plyometrics

(1:22:49) – Take your time and dont be greedy

(1:26:32) – The ambiguity of pain

(1:29:32) – Podcast outro and recap

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Resources mentioned:

Fighting Monkey 

Ido Portal