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In this episode of the David Grey Podcast, David is joined by Jason St Clair. 

Dr. St Clair is the owner of Rise Sports PT and Performance in Charleston SC. He a broad certified
Orthopedic Clinical Specialist and a Fellow in the American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical
Therapists. In addition to practicing as a full time physical therapist he also serves as an Adjunct
Professor for the Medical University of South Carolina DPT program. Outside of his clinical work he is an
Assistant Cross Country and Track Coach for the Mount Pleasant Track Club. Dr St Clair has a special
interest working with endurance athletes. His has experience working and consulting with youth teams,
high school, collegiate and Olympic marathon athletes.

You can visit Jasons website here

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 Episode Timeline | What You’ll Learn:

(00:00) – Podcast Intro

(00:52) – Jason joins the podcast

(02:19) – David speaks about track & field in Ireland compared to America

(03:54) – Jason talks about the programming he sees for athletes 

(05:27) – Different athletes, different structures

(07:11) – Youth athletes, rhythm & coordination

(08:29) – The differences Jason sees with athletes & recreational runners

(09:31) – What does Jasons assessment look like?

(11:16) – Short term wins

(13:44) – Davids Achilles heel (literally)

(15:11) – Jason on manual therapy

(17:52) – Are there better & worse manual therapists?

(21:44) – Elbow issues and 10 Cryogun sessions

(23:38) – More on Jasons assessments 

(24:55) – Looking at gait

(27:52) – Jason and Katie

(32:05) – Buy in from clients 

(34:28) – Finding the middle ground

(35:37) – Structuring a runners training week post injury

(41:32) – Jason on cleaning up the foot

(46:35) – Knees

(52:21) – Podcast Outro

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