In this episode of the David Grey Podcast, I am joined by our most popular guest EVER, Jeffrey Wolf. We catch up on everything that’s happened since our last episode (Episode #7) and talk training, business, artificial intelligence as well as making some BIG predictions for the year ahead.

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 Episode Timeline | What You’ll Learn:

(00:00) – Podcast Intro

(01:55) – Jeff joins the podcast

(04:02) – Jeffs Instagram hiatus

(11:00) – Instagram algorithm

(13:01) – TikTok vs Instagram

(14:25) – Virality vs Consistency

(16:19) – Social value and Business value

(18:10) – Filtering out the time wasters

(20:55) – Short term AND long term wins

(22:34) – Retention and new clients

(25:00) – Emails, let them know what’s coming

(26:35) – Davids 2023 industry predictions

(26:56) – Prediction #1

(32:50) – Prediction #2

(41:49) – Why therapists should be focusing on movement and ups killing

(48:13) – Prediction #3

(53:40) – Prediction #4

(1:03:07) – Podcast Outro

Jeffrey Wolf is a fitness trainer with over seven years of professional experience, helping clients in Clearwater, Tampa, and St. Petersburg, Florida, and around the country. To reach clients across the country, he has developed an effective online training program that offers the best in convenience while also working with clients in person. Whether providing in person or online instructions, Jeffrey’s a fitness trainer helping clients transform their bodies and reach their goals.

While many coaches/fitness trainers specialise in specific training modalities, he works with several. From bodybuilding and strength training to yoga and mobility/flexibility training, and more, his programs mix it up to help you reach your goals.

Jeffrey prides himself on practical and simple applications that improve body composition, quality of life, and confidence.

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