In this episode of the David Grey Rehab Podcast, I welcome back Jamie Smith, the Owner of Melbourne Strength Culture, a strength and performance gym in Australia. Jamie and MSC have had a groundbreaking year that they’ve dubbed “the year of clout” due to successful changes they made in the online space.

Jamie is here to talk content, education, developing an app, what we can expect to see from him in 2023, and even a rough idea for David’s first mentorship program!

“It’s actually been a crazy year, it really has. The year of clout was what we termed it, but it was the year of brand development. It was like pushing our brand out further in different areas. Don’t be afraid to try different things and say different things… I don’t think we could have asked for much better than what we got.” Jamie Smith.

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 Episode Timeline | What You’ll Learn:

(00:16) – Introducing Jamie Smith.

(07:37) – Recapping David’s night out.

(14:03) – David’s upcoming trip to Melbourne.

(14:55) – Melbourne Strength Culture’s plans for seminars and content moving forward.

(25:56) – 2022 – The year of clout and brand development.

(35:41) – The importance of having good people around you and having fun with the what you do.

(48:33) – Eugene Teo’s app, his influence on the Australian scene, and the next 12 months for Melbourne Strength Culture.

(51:40) – The importance of sharing ideas online, and the direction of the Melbourne Strength Culture app.

(54:20) – making educational content, the importance of having mentorship alongside free content and an app.

(01:02:46) – Jamie’s first mentorship, and how its developed over time.

(01:05:32) – Gary Ward’s work on the gait cycle.

(01:12:19) – Jamie maps out a mentorship course for David

(01:14:58) – Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art, and the concept of “Resistance”.

(01:19:02) – David and Jamie’s upcoming business chat in Melbourne on 2nd February 2023.

“I’m 100% in on the group that we have, and I know that the group we have can ultimately do whatever the f@#$ we want, and grow to whatever size we want, like just give us enough time and we’ll do whatever we need to do to get there.” Jamie Smith.

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