How do you train athletes with knee pain? What makes someone knee dominant vs. hip dominant?

In this episode of the David Grey Rehab Podcast, I welcome Tim Riley, Lead Strength Coach for Athletic Development at Kollective in Austin, Texas. Tim has experience training many different types of athletes, from volleyball and lacrosse players, to collegiate and NFL athletes. Tim has also struggled with “jumper’s knee” in the past and knows quite a bit about training with the knee in mind. He’s even created the Knee Pain Program: A Comprehensive Guide to Improving Jumper’s Knee.

Tune in as we talk about training professional athletes, knee pain and knee rehab, exercise selection, understanding the fundamentals of movement, and how to train and coach athletes that are healing from knee injuries. We also chat about the power of growing your Instagram presence and how to establish your credibility as a trainer.

 “One of the reasons I was able to put myself in a position to be working with pro-athletes now is because of the content I was putting out. There could be a debate on whether or not what you post on IG actually makes you credible or not, but in the eyes of the people who were willing to put trust into me and hire me, certainly that played a role.”, Tim Riley


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 “I don’t want to be right. I want to get it right.”, Tim Riley


Episode Timeline | What You’ll Learn:

00:13 – Introducing Tim Riley & The topics of today’s episode

04:25 – Tim’s journey to training pro athletes: Owning your profession, having a strong social media presence, & establishing credibility as a trainer

08:21 – How to train athlete in a sport you don’t have experience with & How important is it to understand the sport of the athlete you’re working with?

12:35 – Tips for rebranding, transforming, and growing your online presence

19:17 – What surprised you about training NFL athletes?

26:57 – Parallels between gen pop and pro athletes: Understanding movement & Movement strategies

32:35 – The importance of biomechanics in training athletes & Training with the knee in mind

38:47 – Healing from knee injuries, knee pain, and “jumper’s knee”

48:33 – Our favorite exercise machines and foam rolling techniques

58:18 – What makes someone knee dominant vs. hip dominant?

1:04:23 – We don’t have explanations for everything we do… but we do know we drive

There are so many parallels with what I see the biggest areas of opportunity [are] for gen pop clients [and] for pro athletes.. There are so many constants that I see between the two and the biggest one being ‘what does the focus of his training need to be? What’s going to help him the most right now?’ and then you just get out of their way.”, Tim Riley

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Tim Riley is the Lead Strength Coach for Athletic Development at Kollective Austin, Texas. He oversees NFL (off-season & combine prep), AVP (volleyball), PLL (lacrosse), and collegiate athletes. Tim’s also the creator of Knee Pain Program.

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Knee Pain Program: A Comprehensive Guide to Improving Jumper’s Knee

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