In this episode of the David Grey Rehab Podcast, we take a look at the year gone by and talk highs, lows, lessons and losses. It’s been a huge year for DGR, and there’s a lot to recount. We also make a decision on the coveted guest of the year award… And there may be a surprise in there!

“The people I have on, I have on for a reason. I really want to talk to them, I’m not just getting on random guests for the sake of it, and that’s why I’m not going to do as many podcasts in 2023 – I want to make sure that the standard of person is as high as it can be, and the standard of episode is as high as it can be.” David Grey.

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Episode Timeline | What You’ll Learn:

(00:00) – Introducing the episode.

(01:46) – DGR Podcast Guest of the year discussion and 2022 highs and lows.

(19:03) – Guest of the year announcement and honourable mentions!!!

(26:29) – David’s three learnings of movement.

(37:27) – Social media strategy and goals for 2023.

(51:00) – The night ahead for David, Episode summary, and well wishes for 2023!

  “When you’re analysing your own year as well, there’s recency bias I think where you’re actually thinking “Okay what was great that happened this year?” And you remember some things that happened in the last few months, and I actually try to sit down and think about “Okay in ten years time, in 2032, what will I remember in 2022?” It’s an interesting practice actually.” David Grey.

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Resources Mentioned:

Dwayne chambers

John Kiely